fall in love (again)

why is it like these….

i found someone..but i do fall in love again to another person.

is it normal or what?

i have these childhood not that  10 years  old sweethearts

but high school sweatheart..

who fell in love to me..until now..even though i am committed..

before i always push her out of my life, even drag her out of my house.

but Gosh!..what happen…i fall in love with her and i can’t believe it.

it was months ago my girlfriend had to go to another place for their nursing activity its “psychia”

it was three weeks…i have no friends out here their very busy and some of them went home to their hometown. but these person never leave me…and for the first time i appreciated everything she did for me..and i found out that i’m falling in love with her..

what i’m gonna do?

should i left my girlfriend just to be with these person?..

yah..yah…simple to do but hard for me..

first…i was known for breaking-up because of third party and i’m tired of all those mouths to say something on me again

second…i don’t want to break up with my girlfriend, i want that she will break me up.so that it really never hurt her a lot.

third….i pity my girlfriend a lot, i’m the only one whose there for her, what if we broke up no one will comfort her anymore

fourth….i really love my someone i wanna see her everyday

now what do you think me to do?

love traingle


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